Explore the incredible exhibitors lined up for the first Devon Art Festival, with an array of talented local artists.

Claerwen Gillespie

Discover Claerwen Gillespie’s incredible ceramics inspired by tales, stories, plays and poetry.

William Oxer

A passionate artist driven by traditional ideas of how beauty should be represented, William formed the intellectual basis to his work under the tutelage of Professor Regius Peter Davidson of Oxford University.

Rachel Eardley

At the age of 15 I got the taste for silversmithing when I accompanied my Grandpa to an evening class which I continued going to until I left home to study 3D crafts at Brighton University.  My work has developed over the years with a strong illustrative theme running through it.  I am inspired by the simple day to day objects in our homes & like to bring life back to things that have little purpose in the way we live our lives today. My coin jewellery & artwork can be found in homes all over the world.

Lisa Long

Devonshire watercolour artist capturing country animals wild and farmed.

Claudia Schmid

At the centre of my work is the expression of a world peopled with strange creatures who are mostly friendly, amusing and occasionally disturbing but all are decidedly peculiar in the most intriguing of all worlds. I am interested in depicting situations that are ambivalent – things/people/animals don’t always turn out to be what we think they are. By playing with the different qualities and characters of humans and animals alike, visual stories of their relationships or surprising situations arise.

Kate Andrew

Kate Andrew is an emerging artist in the south west. She paints with both gouche and acrylic on a variety of surfaces, including reclaimed Cornish slate. She has a love for bright colours but also will paint with simple white lines. Kate is inspired by nature and much of her art reflects this.

Jane Hagen

Large abstract acrylic paintings on canvas and board painted through a long process of development through a series of drawings, based on memories of a childhood in Africa, travels around the world, sailing and scuba diving.

Helen Gorick

11 year established, glass worker and jewellery designer. I make highly detailed glass beads and use them together with my silver smithing skills to create a range of jewellery that is different yet wearable and for all pockets. I also teach the art of glass bead making and silver smithing in my studio.

Chloe Morter

Chloe lives near Honiton, Devon on the edge of the Blackdown Hills. Her background combines a degree in art history and many years working in the graphic design, embroidery and print industry. Chloe’s work combines the intricacy and detail of machine embroidery with layers of fabric and paper collage. Inspiration comes from nature and her surroundings and a love of illustration, pattern, traditional folk art and art history.

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